A Kendama Pro Kristian Aynedter Interview

Brian Jester: So Hi. I’m here with Kristian Aynedter. Hey, how do you spell your first and last name?
Kristian Aynedter: K-r-i-s-t-i-a-n A-y-n-e-d-t-e-r.
Brian: Nice. Are you already a pro?
Kristian: I am a pro right now. I am a pro for bestkendama.ro . They’re a company out of Romania.

Brian: Okay, we were talking about them earlier. Is that what you’ve got here? A kendama games ? What’s special about it?
Kristian: The Grain Theory kendama is unique because you bring something to the game called the worm hole and it basically lines all of your tricks up better. It makes pull-up tricks a lot easier.
Brian: So the hole is off a little to the side?
Kristian: Exactly.
Brian: Okay. Got it.
Kristian: Then we also have the swoop which is on the base cut.

Brian: On the base.
Kristian: It’s just a little more concave. It takes a little weight off and gives a better grip.
Brian: So are you a pro for two different kendama companies?
Kristian: No, as of right now it’s just Grain Theory.
Brian: Okay, cool. You were also telling me about – you’re working on some clothing stuff with your room mate.
Kristian: Yes.
Brian: What was that?
Kristian: Me and my room mate, Michael, we just started a line called MMAK.
Brian: How can we find you?
Kristian: You can look us up on Instagram. We have an Instagram – MMAK_Brand or you can find us at our web store which is.

Brian: Okay, that’s easy enough. So how did you get involved with sweets kendama and stuff? How did you end up here?
Kristian: I’ve been playing for about four years now. The guy that got me into it, his name is TJ. He’s around here. I’m from Lake Tahoe so I grew up skiing and just had some friends show me some videos of some guys just doing some tricks on the chairlift and I never thought anything of it.
Brian: How long ago was that?
Kristian: This was going on four years now. About two weeks later the entire school just blew up with kendama.

Brian: In Tahoe?
Kristian: Yeah.
Brian: This was in college?
Kristian: This was in high school.
Brian: Oh your high school. Okay.
Kristian: High school just blew up with it and just a few of us kind of stuck with it and just kept going and here I am today.
Brian: So you’re here today. What’s the event here today called?
Kristian: The event is a Gunnzo event and we’re out here.
Brian: This is Heritage Park in Old Town San Diego. Were you at an event yesterday?
Kristian: I was.
Brian: What was that one?
Kristian: That was the Kendama SD one-year anniversary.
Brian: Okay I saw the San Diego team guys. They’re all here in their t-shirts. They were there.
Kristian: Yeah and I was out near Mesa. That was a lot of fun.
Brian: Do you have any signature moves or anything?
Kristian: I wouldn’t say signature, but I’m definitely the juggle man. I like to juggle.
Brian: Awesome.

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