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Removing Yellow And White Road Paint

We have all seen or worse yet been behind the road construction crews while they are painting new marker lines on the roadways. Then it becomes inevitable that we have to switch lanes and hear that swishing sound of wet paint slinging up against the side of our vehicle. The paint is made to be permanent on the road so it almost instantly becomes impossible to remove. Make that virtually impossible.

There are several ways to remove fresh road paint but it is not an absolute science. You may have to try several different methods to find the right solution to your road paint problems. If it happened recently you may try a solvent such as mineral spirits or something a little more harsh like lacquer thinner. In some cases rubbing a rag soaked with thinner will soften and eventually remove unwanted paint. Lacquer thinner is safe to use on about 90 percent of finishes today including the most common urethane clear coat.

If the road paint has been on your vehicle for a while you can try to remove it spec by spec using a plastic razor blade or a strong fingernail. I do not recommend using a metal razor blade because there is way to much risk in damaging your vehicle’s finish. Sometimes a combination of these methods can help soft the road paint and then it may be easier to pick off.

One way to help prevent damage to your vehicle is to keep your vehicle protected with a paint sealant. This cannot prevent the road paint from getting on your vehicle but it may make it a little easier if you have to remove it. Try Super Paint Sealant available on our products page.

Ink Stain Removal From Interior

A wonderful little girl Jasmine from the Pigeon Forge area has inspired this tip. She decided to write her name on Mommie’s interior. There are several ways to remove ink from vinyl, leather, or upholstry. Sometimes just a quality interior cleaner or upholstry cleaner will work if you scrub persistently. If it is a stubborn ink stain then you may want to try Lacquer Thinner. Always test for color fastness in an inconsipicuous spot. Place a small amount on a towel and wipe the ink gently. Thank You Jasmine and I hope your Mommie is doing well!

If you are not able to do it yourself i would recommand Best in detail, they are one of the best auto detailing company in Petoskey, Michigan.


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